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Selected Bibliography of the Palaearctic Lepidoptera

Version 1.0


Ahmet ÷mer KoÁak


Dear Readers,

The Bibliography of the Palaearctic Lepidoptera, which is planned as CD-ROM format, is under preparation.

The progresses will be announced below from time to time.

With Compliments, Cesa (c)

This study is a searchable database as CD-ROM format


You may search publications according the following queries: author, date of publication, name of journal, states or geographical regions, languages of publications, subjects (taxonomy, nomenclature, morphology- adult, caterpillar, chrysalit, egg- distribution, faunistic, ecology, biology, bionomy, methods, bibliography, keys, figures, maps, genitalia, karyology, etc.), taxa of the family category, as well as names of subspecies, species or genera.


You may obtain quickly the most accurate information about the publication titles you need





You may find brief information about the authors with their images, as far as they permit

The present status of the project:

The project has been financed by the Cesa

The current number of the articles typed is 6,030

The current number of the authors typed is more than 1,300

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Updated November 16th 2001

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