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The 1st

International Anatolian Congress of Entomology


 Cesa announces

 The preparations of the first International Anatolian Congress of Entomology and Expedition has just been started by Cesa.

  The Congress will be held in a university city (probably Van) in East Turkey, in June, 2002.

  The language of the Congress is English. The theme sessions are suggested as follows; taxonomy, classification, biogeography, entomofaunistics, life histories, field ecology, behaviour. All the communications to be presented by the authors will be interpreted simultaneously in the Congress.

  Depending on the numbers of the participants, the programme will include two or three day sessions and three or four day scientific expeditions to the particular localities in East Anatolia.

  Place and date of the Congress, including the expedition programmes, participation fees, as well as other details for the application forms, circulars, etc. will be announced in this page.

  For further information please send mail to:

  Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ömer Koçak


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Updated February 20th 2000