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Butterflies of Known Persons-Pass

(Van Pr., Turkey)


This Pass is placed in the southern mountainous regions of Van Lake. It has been named after by known persons defined by the Turkish soldiers.

Around the Pass the following 29 summer species of the butterflies and 2 moth species are recorded by A.Košak, H.Ízkol, L.Kayci on 2nd August,2002.



PIERIDAE (6 species): Pontia callidice (around the peaks at 2750m); Pontia edusa, Pieris ergane, Colias crocea (in the mountain steppe 2300-2600m); Colias aurorina (at 2700m); Pieris krueperi (observed at 2700m).

LYCAENIDAE (10 species): Lycaena phlaeas (at 2300m), Thersamonia thetis (at 2300m), Thersamonia lampon (at 2600m, around Acantholimon flowers on rocky slopes); Polyommatus loewii (at 2600m); Turanana endymion (at 2600m); Plebejus argus (at 2700m), Plebejus carmon (at 2500-2700m); Polyommatus (Agrodiaetus) vanensis (at 2700m), Polyommatus daphnis (at 2500m); Satyrium (Nordmannia) abdominalis (at 2500-2700m, around Hypericum flowers).

ARGYNNIDAE (4 species): Aglais urticae (at 2700m), Cynthia cardui (at 2500-2700m), Melitaea didyma (at 2700m), Issoria lathonia (at 2700m).

SATYRIDAE (7 species): Melanargia russiae, Melanargia syriaca, Melanargia hylata (at 2700m), Esperarge climene (at 2700m), Hyponephele lycaon (at 2500-2700m), Chazara briseis (at 2000m), Pseudochazara beroe (around peaks at 2750m).

HESPERIIDAE (2 species): Spialia phlomidis (at 2500m), Carcharodus orientalis (at 2500m).



PYRALIDAE (1 species): Ephelis cruentalis (at 2700m).

SPHINGIDAE (1 species): Macroglossum stellatarum (at 2700m).

 2nd August,2002

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