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Using the Vernacular

in Entomological Publications


Turkish Language

Adoption of Latin Alphabet

Turkish National Education System

Educational Institutions

Value of Taxonomy in Turkey


Bilim ve Kültür Alanında Bağımsızlık

Ulusal Dilimiz Türkçe

Cesa, Bilimsel Araştırma Programları ve Türkçe

Atatürk Onuru

Lepidoptera Palaeo-Tropicae (LPT)

The value of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature in Turkey


Language, including Turkish, is a proxy of communication. The scientists always presented the results of their studies to the scientific literature by using their vernaculars. In this line the essential and rightful purpose is to send the message firstly to the scientists of his own country. In this context using vernaculars has a very important role. Prof. Koçak announced that he chose Turkish as a publication language and he would use this language with a great priority. None of the foreign scientists treated Prof. Koçak negatively at this point. This is the natural result of the science and the logic. Furthermore, the preference of using vernavulars is a right protected and recognized to the researches by the Rules of the International Zoological Nomenclature. However, Turkish scientific publications have always been considered as worthless ones by the authorities of Turkish Republic. In the universities which are scientific environments in the country only, the young scientists aren't therefore given official positions. Also the academical authorities of the Turkish Republic still ignore the Rules of IZN and don't appreciate them. Actually, nature studies have never been appreciated and given importance in Turkey. This is the formal evidence that the country hasn't got a Natural History Museum yet... For more

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