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concerning the scientific cooperation between the Institute of Zoology of the Ministery of Science and the Higher Education of Republic Kazachstan and the Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara (Turkey) in Entomology and Biocontrol of harmful Invertebrata

September 1, 1999 Almaty

The problem of preservation of the biodiversity is one of the most important issues of biology both in Kazakhstan and in Turkey. In order to make a successful decision on this issue it is expedient to coordinate efforts of both countries in revealing species composition, biology, ecology and in the distribution of all components of the biodiversity. First of all, Insects are the largest and ecologically important group of animals. The major role in the preservation of the biodiversity is realized by a transition from chemical methods of struggling with the wreckers to ecologically harmless biological methods. For this purpose it is necessary to expand the works in revealing and the use of effective biological regulators of the pests.

We, Professor Dr. A.B.Bekenov, Director of the Institute of Zoology MS & HE RK and Professor Dr. Ahmet Ömer Koçak (Cesa) have made the present contract about the scientific cooperation on the following items:

    1. Both parties participate in common expeditions for collecting the material on Lepidoptera and other groups of insects in the territory of Kazachstan and Turkey, and also carry out a search about new bioregulators of harmful Diptera and agricultural pests.
    2. They carry out knowledge exchange about species composition of the fauna of butterflies and about other groups of insects and biological agents regulating number of the insect-wreckers in Kazachstan and Turkey.
    3. They participate in preparation of the common publications and use opportunities for the publication of entomological works of both parties.
    4. They jointly carry out inventory of species structure of the fauna of butterflies in Kazachstan as the most vulnerable group of insects in the republic.
    5. They carry out an exchange of scientific experience through trips, training and post graduate courses.
    6. They organize scientific symposiums and seminars considering the results of common researches.
    7. They render the mutual help in planning and realizing expeditions, as well as in providing the necessary documents so as to send the collected materials to the abroad vice versa for their subsequent study.

 Validity of the present contract from 1.09.1999 to 1.09.2004.

The Director of Institute of Zoology MS & HE RK,

Prof. Dr. A.B.Bekenov

The Director of the Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ömer Koçak

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