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K.A. Efetov & G.M.Tarmann

Forester Moths

24 x 17cm, 192 pages, 12 colour plates, 241 illustrations, 174 line drawings, Hardback.

Apollo Books, Stenstrup, DK.


ISBN 87-88757-23-4

Fiyatı: 520.- Danimarka Kronu (postalama masrafı hariç).

“Forester Moths” are a moth group which is represented in the subfamily Procrinae of the Zygaenidae family in Lepidoptera.

The study consists of fourteen sections. The introduction, the definition of the sub-family and larval characteristics and the expected philogenetic relations as a consequence of evaluating chromosome numbers and larval food plant are presented in four sections.

Totally 63 species, their subspecies with their synonyms are placed in the list given in the fifth section.

The sixth section has been mentioned under the heading of systematic catalogue. In this place, each species has been taken up in terms of its original reference, type location, geographic distribution and food plant. Moreover, New synonyms have been established and the subgenera, Tremewania in the genus of Jordanita and Procrita in the genus Adscita have been presented to the science by being determined in the first time.

In the seventh section, the determination keys arranged for the each genus, subgenus and species have been given. These keys have been supported by wing venations, the structures of the antennae, extremities and wing scales.

Text figures belonging to the genital organs of females and males have been presented in the eighth section.

In the nineth section, Efetov’s observations have been assessed, and the prematural stages of six species belonging to Jordanita and Adscita have been explained.

In the tenth section, the new records concerning the parasities of Procrinae have been mentioned.

The acknowledgement has been placed in the eleventh section.

The coloured pictures regarding the "adult moths" [!], its early development periods and biotops have been gathered in the twelveth section.

The selected references are placed in the thirteenth section.

The indexes of the names of Lepidoptera, the authors of the taxa and the larval food plants have been finally placed in the study.

One of the authors of this book, Ukrainian Professor Konstantin A. Efetov has published many studies about Procrinae since 1987 and made great contributions to the science. Gerhard Tarmann has mastered on Procrinae since 1975 and is a worldwide Austrian scientist who pays his attention to not only Palaearctic region, but also to other tropical zygaenids.

Only these two scientists might have been suggested as authors of such a comprehensive book about Procrinae, which has been awaited for years. “Forester Moths” is a modern handbook which will be beneficial for all readers ranging from university students to professional researchers. This book has been prepared carefully, all pictures in the book have been drawn in a very meticulous way and the other positive features of the study such as coloured tables, a rich bibliography, the warm and attractive publication will also affect the readers very nice. In addition to these, because this book has been presented to the market in a reasonable price as well as its scientific, printing quality, it will reach the best level as soon as possible. This book should be placed in every interested researchers’ personal library. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ömer Koçak, May 20th, 2000. back

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