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C.M.Naumann, G.M.Tarmann & W.G.Tremewan

The Western Palaearctic Zygaenidae

24 x 17cm, 304 pages, 12 colour plates with 177 line drawings and black & white photographs. Distribution maps to all species. Hardback.

Apollo Books, Stenstrup, DK.


ISBN 87-88757-15-3

Price: 600.- Danish Kroner (excl. postage).

“The Western Palaearctic Zygaenidae” are divided into two main divisions such as systematic and general. The respective headings in the general section are as follows; The introduction, systematic and phylogeny, the life periods of zygaenids, early growing stages and adult period under the sub-heading of the structures and functions, sense organs and orientation, nutrition, genetic and individual variations, zoogeography, fossil records, ecology and behaviour, Zygaenid species as an indicator, feeding, collection techniques, the history of Zygaenidae researches, the names in the vernacular and the selected publication list. The others which has been placed in the systematic section are as follows; The list of taxa in subfamilies, genera and species of zygaenids lies in the West of the Palaearctic region; taxa, additions and indexes. In the section of taxa, the morphological and biological characteristics of the taxon in each category have been explained and the determination keys for them have been arranged. Male and female genital organs, variations, distributions, ecology, behaviour, the morphology of the early growing stages, food plants and the distribution maps have been given for them.

The three specialists of this book have published many valuable studies on Zygaenidae taxonomy, biology and ecology for years. In this publication related to Zygaenidae, this is the first time that the readers have been encountered such a comprehensive study. This study is a modern handbook which will be beneficial for all readers ranging from university students to professional researchers. Although the order of the subjects mentioned in the general section of the book seems a bit complicated, the meticulous drawings, coloured pictures, a rich bibliography, the perfect print of “Apollo Books” publication house will draw the readers’attention in an easier way. Slightly higher price of this book comparing with the previous named “Forester Moths” depends on the quality of printing. However, its affordable price will be helpful in introducing itself to the readers as earliest as possible. This book should be placed in every interested researchers’ personal library. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Omer Kocak, May 20th, 2000 back

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